The first full day of camp was an absolute blast! We started off the day with a cool breeze, full hearts and a devotional with all of the campers! It doesn’t get better than that! Did I mention there’s an inactive volcano out in the distance? It’s such a beautiful place! 
It was so great to see how excited and ready the campers were for the day ahead, maybe even a little too excited- many of them woke up at 4 AM bursting with joy to be at camp (don’t worry, we just had an hour-long nap time). 

After breakfast we decided to burn off some energy on the beach. We started by playing a Pine Cove classic, Zorb Ball, and ended by splashing and playing in the lake.  


During lunch, we began our first skit of the trip. Let me fill you in: The evil Elga wants to ruin camp by stealing all of our activity supples! Lucky for us, we were also introduced to detective Dan. He’ll surely solve the case and rescue camp! Based off of the expressions of the campers, they can hardly wait to see the outcome. Stay tuned!

After lunch, it was time for activities! Some of the activity classes we had were soccer (which they absolutely beat us in), arts and crafts, bow and arrows, and basketball. Seeing the smile on the campers faces and the joy in their hearts made even the language barrier seem so small in comparison to what our God can do!   

We ended the night with a little impromptu dance party. What started off with us casually dancing the Church Clap ended with a round of applause and the campers chanting “Otra! Otra! Otra!” They wanted us to dance again! So naturally we showed them the Chainsaw and the Wobble. They were a hit! 

We are all well and happy with what the Lord is doing and so thankful that He chose us to be His tools! 

Prayer requests: for the last day of session 1 to be fun and intentional, continued health/safety, deeper relationships and clear communication among Pine Cove and Nicaraguan team. Most of all, for God to be glorified in ALL we do. 

Until next time,

The NicaROCKua Team