Yesterday was our first full day with our kids, and it was an EPIC day for Campamentos De Impactos! We’ll start from the beginning, but the end of the day packs a pretty good punch!

We started off the day with the typical routine; Devotionals, Breakfast where your ankle is tied to a friends, some quality activity class rotations, some intense and slightly painful teambuilding exercises on the blacktop (where the PC team was the STRUGGLES), and before you know it we’re packed back into the Cocina for lunch! Here’s some photos to walk you through the first part of our day!

IMG_9741IMG_9738 IMG_9787 IMG_9775 IMG_9764 IMG_9762 IMG_9756

And here is where the day gets REAL! After Lunch we continued with our Bible Study, or EBC, focused on “Que Es Primero?” or “Who is first?”. This next story is about our 12 & 13 year old cabin. One of our teammates, Heather, is paired with Helen, one of the Ticos Counselors. The fun part, Heather has been a photographer for Pine Cove, but has never counseled until Yesterday! In her Bible Study, Helen was leading a discussion, and started to really get into it. Heather could pick up on just a few things and could tell that Helen was sharing the Gospel. After this, Helen asked if any of them didn’t have Jesus in their hearts, and 3 of the girls said they did not, but that they wanted to! Fabiana, Rachel, and Dayana then prayed with Helen and became believers that day! The first Bible Study session that Heather has been able to help lead with Pine Cove, was in Costa Rica, and she was able to see 3 campers come to know Jesus!! WHAT?! How neat is that!


News of the changed lives began to spread across the Pine Cove team and celebrations happened in Costa Rica! Please join with us in celebrating these changed lives back in the U.S.!

Bible Study came to an end, and we had the always necessary Cafe break, accompanied with some delicious jelly crepes! Costa Ricans do snack right!

Then the day progressed with some free time, with the Americans beating the Tico’s 2-1 in the World Cup, and some much needed Descanzo, or FOB. We ate some delicious spaghetti and went straight into playing our night game, and crazy version of Capture the Flag with four teams each reppin glow sticks.

After the game we had our final event of the evening, some good ole C-L-U-B. And once again, The Lord showed up in a HUGE way! Helen brought the Word and really challenged the kids to think about what they were putting as first in their lives. And if it is anything other than Christ, that they needed to take that before the Lord. She spoke mainly out of Romans about how from the Law comes death, and even once we have life in him, it can still be a struggle to put him first. After she talked, she told the kids they needed to take action. IF they didn’t know Christ and wanted to put him first in their lives, the could come up front and speak to a counselor. Or if they already knew the Lord but have struggled to put Him first, they could come up as well. After that call, about 30 minutes was spent where the Tico & PC counselors were praying over and talking with these campers who wanted to make a decision and take action in their lives. It certainly was a powerful time, one where we got to see about 20 of our campers step forward in their spiritual walk! First Full day of Youth Camp, and the Holy Spirit was Doin Work!! And the quickness to act and pray of our team sure did make this trip leader proud!

IMG_2999 IMG_2997 IMG_2992 IMG_2988

And of course what better way to end the day than to have a giant dance party???!! And you better believe the last sone was literally “LOCO”! A sneak peek of the video can be found on Ben Stalvey’s facebook!