Last night’s theme was Hawaiian. I just realized I didn’t take many pictures. the picture below is right before campers came it. Guess I was having too much fun hula-ing to take many pictures. Sorry about that!


Our activity classes have been a lot of fun. Archery is always a favorite and this year, we have taken bracelet making to a whole new level.



Today was the rally. In Panama, a rally is a competition between cabins to see who can complete several different tasks in the least amount of time. It was a ton of fun. From crawling prone through mud, to tip-toeing through a spider’s web, to climbing a really cool looking tree, we had a lot of fun. Our Panamanian friends are creative, and I am definitely going to be taking some of their ideas back to the Towers.











Since 2012, my favorite meal of the year is the Panamanian grill out we have while here at camp. Carne asada steak, fried plantanes, homemade pico de gallo, chorizo on a stick (chorizo is sausage, for those of you who don’t go to Pik-N-Pak that often) and yucca salad (yucca is a lot like potatoes). I was asked to tell everyone there was extra chorizo if they wanted it. After I made the announcement, Pedro’s wife, Marie, told the person beside her, “His accent is good. He could buy chorizo on the streets.” I’m proud of that.


McLain told us tonight that he was having a conversation with his co-counselor, Magdiel. Magdiel speaks about as much English as McLain speaks Spanish. That would be just north of zero. Anyway, throughout the week, they have learned to effectively communicate together. Magdiel told McLain today that his English is going to get worse when he leaves and that he doesn’t want him to leave. Magdiel told McLain that if he was able to find a wife, he could stay at his house; but she has to be Panamanian. I’m not sure if Magdiel’s wife, Ivanetti, would be on board with McLain and his Panamanian wife living with them. The cool thing is, I’ve been told by Pedro and his wife, Marie, that I am welcome in their house any time. Marie even refers to me as her son, and her 6 year old boy calls me his brother. I am thankful for my Panamanian family. They are pretty cool.

Magdiel and McLain’s cabin. Mag is on the far right. They are the oldest and by far the rowdiest cabin here at camp.