Our first full day in Nicaragua has been awesome! It has been filled with introductions, training, preparing for the arrival of campers and, of course, lots of new experiences! 

We woke up to the sound of waves …because the camp is literally on the beach! The campsite might be small but it sure is beautiful! We can see mountains in the distance and there are palm trees all around our cabins. It’s hovering around 88 degrees here, making winter seem pretty distant. Not exactly what you’d call roughing it! 

Those of us returning from last year’s trip were pleasantly surprised to see several familiar faces on the Nicaraguan team. You can tell they’ve all taken a lot away from last year’s camp experience and are ready for a new set of campers coming in this evening! God is at work! 

This morning we were refreshed on Pine Cove’s camping philosophy and why we do what we do. It was so good to be reminded – “no se trata de me” (“it’s not about me”). We are here to be used by God and, as we talked about as a team this morning, the Lord is already working on our own hearts and teaching us lessons. What else will He do this week?! We’re pumped to find out! 

After lunch, we decorated the dining area and talked through the schedule. We also got some time to roam around on the beach…which included getting to hang out with a herd of some sort of cows! You never know what you’ll see! 

It has been so neat to see our staff interacting with the Nicaraguan team and how much we’re already bonding. Please continue to pray for unity and clear communication as we share the responsibilities of camp ministry. 

Overall, everyone is happy and healthy! Thanks so much for all your prayers and comments! 


The NicaROCKua Team 

P.s.- Chelsea Connor, challenge accepted 😉 

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