Well, the last day and a half has been so eventful for our team! Yesterday was our second full day with the older campers and it was incredible! We started the morning off by digging into bible study and going to some activity classes. The final class of the morning was pretty interesting… the campers learned how to make pizza dough! The day before, some of our leaders and work crew had been tending to a fire that was inside of the Ticos personal church pizza oven! Each cabin prepared their dough, which would be for dinner that night.


After lunch, we began round two of the mud pit games! Except this time our work crew had spent the entire morning digging a HUGE pit for the mud crawl. The pit was over 8 feet long and it was probably 3 feet deep in the deep end! It was a sight to behold trust me…or trust these ridiculous photos. After two hours of water mania, it was finally time to lay on the kiln of a basketball court  showers to become available. Hilarious.







After these activities, our group had dinner and worship! This time, we had a huge bonfire with our kiddos and it was awesome to hear and study about how the fire of Christ can consume your life (at least thats what I thought they were talking about). After the Good Word was brought by Adela and Hellen, our camp celebrated with a marshmallow roasting party!

Bed followed soon after, because we had to prepare for the last day of camp. It seems like this day went even faster than the previous one. We started the day off with Bible study and breakfast. Then we had a large chunk of free time, where our group prepared our own hearts to say goodbye while cherishing our last few hours with our kids. Facebook info was exchanged, pictures were snapped ( especially once the campers got their phones back!) and some tears were shed. We piled into the chapel to watch our highlight video and ended the week the same way we started it: with a dance party.

We then walked to the entrance of camp and formed a gauntlet line, when Johnny and Justin ran out with a huge pot of water balloons that we were going to throw at the bus as it left! However, they dropped the bucket and lost most of our balloons to the vicious grass. Bummer!! But we still had a few and Will managed to get at least one kid in the face as he left camp.

Soon after we said goodbye to our campers, our Tico friends told us a waterfall was only 500 meters away from camp! Our group, of course, said “Lets do it!”. We started the walk and soon realized that distance does NOT translate. We left a little before three, and got back right at six! It was quite the adventure that included petting a day old calf, climbing a waterfall, and stumbling upon a hot spring.

Soon after, we were getting ready for dinner and our next activity. Johnny went to the corner store to get us dinner supplies for sandwiches and brought back NUTELLA. It was so great! We ate our dinner quickly, because we had a hot spring waiting on us! This was located at Hotel Yoko. It was a series of pools that were powered by the volcano that is near by. The water was SO warm and relaxing on our beaten and worn bodies.

We were beyond thankful for our jam packed day yesterday!

As I finish this post, the camp is moving around me, hustling and bustling to get all of our stuff together. We leave our campsite this morning and head out for our TOURISM DAY!! We are so pumped! Pray for us as we travel to who knows where (Johnny wont tell us) and as we leave the friends that we have made.

More to come this evening after our exploration day!