Wowie Zowie!

Posted Jan 10, 2017

What a FUNNN day we had today! We woke up in our hostel, that now feels like home, and headed out to the beach! We spent all day there from 10-6! 

You haven’t truly seen or played in waves until you’ve been to an El Salvador beach. It was wild and fun and now we have beach hair don’t care and sun kissed cheeks.  We got to see the sun set and watch the moon rise.  

Today was amazing and we are so blessed to celebrate our week of camp with a day at the beach. And it’s only right that we end today with pupusas. En route now!

Until then,

Your sun-kissed wave chasers

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  1. Wow!! I’m so glad you all were able to have some fun down time, what a beautiful area. Praying you all have safety while traveling.
    I do miss my Baylee Boo!!?