There are many things that we are grateful for that God has made. Here are some amazing examples.

From certain points at camp you can see across a semi valley. And on the other side is a volcano that rises much higher than anything else. The sun sets behind it, as does the moon later at night. Photos don’t do it justice at sunset or at night. There are so many stars out in the sky and right now it is a half full moon. God has painted some amazing beauty down here in El Salvador. You’ll just have to come see it yourself!


Before dinner we did a few group games which included Kajabi Kan Kan which is a game where you hold a piece of rope between you and the next person. Then you try and pull others into the can in the middle. It is a fun game of strength and quickness.


Another game was hide and seek. There are a lot of places to hide here at camp and the kids love to play. However when this picture was taken, Adrienne and Kinnsey’s cabins were sitting on the steps. And instead of playing the game, the kids would sing praise songs in Spanish. Then the counselors would sing the same worship song in English! How awesome!


Tonight, we had another session of CLUB tonight and it was an empowering experience. During CLUB we sang some more so traditional songs like “Holy, Holy, Holy” and ” ” The music and voices of the kids singing in Spanish and Pine Cove counselors singing in English could be heard all over camp. The sounds of praise and worship to God reverberated off of the walls of the cabins and through the walkways. Such a cool feeling to feel the power of God in that moment.



Today Adrienne’s cabin won the spirit stick and this is their cheer in action, it goes to the time of “We will Rock You” and some other pictures.