Greetings from Newark International Airport! 

Last night was a big reunion! We met for orientation with all the Pine Cove teams headed out of the country this week and discussed safety information, spiritual preparation and trip logistics. (And of course had some fun!) 

We got to rest a bit before arriving at the airport bright and early for our 5:45am departure from Dallas. We started the trip off great by making it through security with enough time to enjoy the best chocolate cake in the world made by Bow Butter’s mom, Janie! (Thank You!)

All 18 of us made it on the plane with no troubles, hooray! 

We landed in Newark with plenty of time before our next flight to Lima, Peru!

“Put in the blog TJ is winning the Monopoly deal competition” -TJ 

You should put in the blog: “there are rainbow bagels here” -Trevor Pownell 

We are so thankful for this stellar group of students willing to devote time of their winter break to travel to Peru! To all the parents reading this — thanks for supporting your college kiddos (and for making any last minute Target runs)! You’ve raised some polite, responsible & hilarious humans and we are really, really grateful to have them on this team. Below is a copy of our flight information (including returning flights).

Lastly, are are Shep and Marshall real sleeping or fake sleeping? We can’t tell so please comment with your guesses and we will read them aloud. 

We board soon for Peru! The adventure continues and so will the blogs — stay tuned & thanks for your prayers!