Howdy folks and welcome to the official blog for the Ranch Peru team! We’ll be updating daily so everyone out there can follow us as we have the awesome opportunity to do CAMP in PERU. I mean really, isn’t that just the best?

Right now I just want to give you guys some logistical info about our flights, orientation, and where we’ll be during our time in Peru.

Tomorrow all 15 of our team members will meet up in Dallas. We will have a Commission Camping orientation and spend some good time getting to see each other again. (It’s been about 6 months for some of us!)

Here is our flight information, so you can know where we’ll be every step of the way!


We will be doing camp in the city of Chiclayo, with 50 campers ranging from 6-12 years old. Each of our Pine Cove staffers will partner up with a Peruvian staffer and we’ll work alongside each other to do camp with the ultimate goal of sharing Jesus and investing in relationships with other believers! We would definitely love your prayers- prayers for safety, health, language barriers, and team unity! And more than anything that we will be faithful in sharing the gospel.

Annnnnd last, but certainly not least, here’s our team:

Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to comment away on here. We’d love to hear from all of you!