Mission Trips


We’re in Miami!

Posted Jan 3, 2017

We woke bright and early this morning and arrived at the DFW airport about 4:30a.m. We’ve safely arrived at our first destination – Miami! And we’ll be boarding our next flight to Panama City very soon! Keep us in your prayers for safe travels and good airplane naps! 

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  1. So pumped and proud of this team!!! Special shoutout to Cam, Noah, Joe, and Dakota! You all are so capable to take to Gospel abroad and serve/learn/co-labor with the Panamanian team! A lot of us are praying and following your trip from home. Love you guys and thanks for reppin team FUNtier!

    Also, Meag and Jerad, I’m yalls biggest Fans and wish so much that I got to travel the world with the two of you. Funnest trip ever!! Lead well.

    Yours Truly,
    The coordinator formerly known as Pluto’s Not A Planet

    • Hola amigos y amigas!!!!
      Many prayers going to y’all from High Mesa Cowboy church in Brownwood Texas ! This is Morgan’s madre and padre and little hermana! Safety to y’all! Spread the Word and the joy and excitement that the Lord gives ! Pine Cove workers ROCK!!! Vaya con Dios!
      Maggie May
      Tiffany Morales

  2. So excited for y’all to be there and start experiencing the culture!!!! God is going to do big things — it’s always amazing what He does when He plucks us out of our “normal” and puts us in totally new surroundings! I encourage y’all to be flexible, eager, and watchful (for God’s work!).

    Praying for safety, for the Gospel to run wild, and for y’all to be bonded and unified both with each other as well as the Panama team!

    Also, side note, I’m totally competing with Ben Stalvey as yalls biggest fan 😉

  3. Joseph we are so proud of you following Gods call. You have so much to share with your team and the people and children in Panama. So excited for all of you and the blessings you will give and receive. Stay safe,have fun and be a Light! Joe I pray you have an opportunity to share your talents. Te Quiero Mucho heito!