We’re at camp! 

Posted Jan 3, 2016

Just a side note: every time I blog, the hardest part is coming up with a title. It usually ends up not being the witty title I dreamed for it to be but for the sake of efficiency – it works. Haha. 

We are at our camp sight and let me tell you, it’s one of the beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. We’re in the mountains – everything is great and there is a beautiful quiet here (obviously since we don’t have campers yet) that only adds to the beauty. We were able to rest this afternoon and catch up from a full day of travel. We had an AWESOME dinner and I wish I could tell you what it was but I would just do it a disservice but trying haha. 

We’ve spent the evening getting to know our national partners and honestly, they’re the best. We’ve had so much fun bridging the language barrier and laughing as well.

Tomorrow, our Costa Rican counselors come and we’ll be able to start training them on what this next week looks like. We’re excited! The main picture is our camp – beautiful, right?!

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  1. So excited for y’all. Glad you made it safe. Praying over your time there!!. And hey fam