Well folks, we have safely arrived in the wonderful land of Costa Rica. We were greeted by a man who said, “Welcome to Peru!!” After what seemed like an extremely long pause he followed with “just kidding! I got you guys!” It was hilarious and a great first impression. Our flight went extremely well, so thanks for all of y’all’s prayers! We were welcomed off of our plane with warm smiles and even warmer weather. Those who were eager for the shorts and t-shirt weather were not disappointed! But the warmth didn’t come alone..he brought along his BFF humidity. It’s a good thing, “We love it!!”


After claiming our luggage and fumbling through customs using this best Spanglish we could muster, we arrived at a local eatery. This fine establishment was none other than the home of Señor Ronald McDonald. We loved the comfort food with a new twist!


We are now on an hour long journey to see our temporary home! This bus ride has already begun to open our eyes to the beauty that this country has to offer. One of our teammates described it as “a unique beauty. What we see may not appear beautiful to most, but it is almost like a reflection of how God sees his children: imperfectly broken, yet still so beautiful”.

We were greeted at the airport by our amigo Johnny and his wife, who have already proven to be of the upmost value to our team within the short moments we have spent together. Our team is absolutely stoked to partner with such amazing brothers and sisters of Christ. We can’t wait to hit the ground running tomorrow and meet the rest of our new friends! Until then, buenos noches amigos.