Mission Trips


Welcome to Miami! “¡Bienvenidos a Miami!”

Posted Jan 3, 2017

We made it to our transfer in Miami! The team have been road (or rather sky?) warriors and are eating some much deserved lunch at our gate before boarding our flight to Panama!

We’ve already been having so much fun together and we can’t wait to get to Panama! Look out for an update when we’re on the ground at PTY.

Until then – ¡vamanos!

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  1. WHAT A TEAM!! As y’all are on your way I’m feeling all the feels of what it was like last year sad not to be with y’all, but so happy to be at home with our new baby girl! We’re in prayer for you guys!

    -those are some huge carry on’s – job well done!
    -BK I see you with those joggers and that perfectly sized and organized pack!
    -green arms and socko’s people like where’s my face
    -Justin, you dead mon?
    -looks like y’all didn’t have to recreate running through the airport scene from Home Alone. Very nice ????!

  2. Bienvenidos a Panamá queridos hermanos de Pine Cove, el Señor les use aqui y en cada país donde esta semana estarán predicando el evangelio.