Hey folks, today is the big day! We are so excited to be able to come back to your smiling faces and loving arms and tell you all about what we have experienced here together in Costa Rica. The past day and a half have been absolutely overwhelming. We were able to be tourists and see so much of the Lords wonderful creation.



We did everything from sleeping at a hotel at the base of a volcano, to visiting a hot water park (powered by the previously mentioned volcano), to chasing iguanas, buying way too much coffee at a local grocery store, to seeing our Pastor Manuels visionary campsite called Water Mountain. We also visited a National Park, where we saw a very large frog stuck in a toilet, and also went to Peru Beach. At the beach we very much enjoyed the water, collected sea shells, caught hermit crabs, ate snows cones, and were tossed off of banana boats. After the beach, we were taken to our hotel that turned out to be very lovely. We were welcomed into our rooms with rose petals everywhere. Oh la la! We cleaned the sand off of our toes and loaded back up to go and do a little shopping. We were then taken to our surprise dinner where, you’ll never guess what we ate….Chinese in Costa Rica. It was pretty great.


costarica2014-01-12 09.37.03

Afterwords, we met as a team to have our last evening meeting outside of our rooms. We were presented with a stone that held a CQ, or character quality, word that Ben and Tj saw in the staff throughout the trip. It was such a sweet time for our team to be able to close out by doing that together, and also by being able to take home a physical ebenezer of this trip.

Our staff slept well last night and was able to wake up at 8:30 this morning!!!! It was so great to be able to sleep in and rest together. We were welcomed to our last Costa Rican meal by the hotels breakfast service, and it wouldnt be complete without rice. And ants. By this time, finding bugs everywhere and rice on your plate for every meal was almost expected.


2014-01-11 19.35.20

The Tikos presented us with a token of their appreciation, which was so stinkin’ sweet. They gave us a pot to take home and pot a plant that would be a symbol of our friendship. They also presented our team with a piece of wood that the Tikos had shells from the beach all over it as a memorial. You will see pictures soon! They have been such a huge blessing to our team, and saying goodbye to them at the airport is going to be brutal. Please pray for our staff as we say these goodbyes today!

Now we are packing up and heading out, getting ready to make the journey home. This trip has been unbelievable. We have learned so much about the Lord and his faithfulness and his ability to so easily overcome the “barriers” that allow to stop us from doing His work. We can’t thank you guys enough for everything you have done for us on this trip. Thank you for sending us and thank you for all of your many prayers along the way. Also, thank you for keeping up with us via blog!

The pleasure has truly been mine to write to you guys! Hasta luego!

Sarah “Sleeping Scootie” DuBois



I have a HUGE favor that I need from you all back home! Our team is going to be coming back into the states today and we will finally be able to use our phones! What we need from you guys is a super warm welcome back for our team. So we need you to bombard everyones phones with words of welcome and encouragement as a surprise for our weary staff. They would absolutely love to see that you guys have missed them and are super proud of the work that they have done over the past 10 days, because they worked so hard! So repost this on FaceBook, Twitter, email, whatever! But we need this post to go viral so we can have the most people see it who can get in contact with our staff. Share this with anyone who has our staffs phone number so they can be apart! Thanks so much in advance. You guys rock!

Ben Stalvey