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We made it!!!

Posted Jan 4, 2018

Today has been a very full day of travel!

We started out by taking a nap and then loading up at 2:45am to head to the airport in Houston. We took our first flight to Miami then we connected to Panama where we ate dinner and played games while we waited to board our plane to Asuncion where we flew in at 5:00am.

Even though it’s been a long journey we’ve had a lot of time to play games and bond as a team and we’ve already been laughing together a lot!

Things we have learned from today:

1. The airport will always be hot when you have to trek a few miles to your connecting gate, then it will immediately be cold when you wait to board. Thanks Miami.

2. Always fly on a half empty plane, it makes for comfy flying.

3. Ordering at Domino’s Pizza is the same in Panama as it is in the U.S., just add ‘por favor’.

4. Garret can sleep about anywhere, even during take off.

5. It’s hard to convert pounds to kilograms when you weigh your overweight bag at the ticket counter.

6. Delirium will always bond you quicker than being well rested.

7. Brushing your teeth will always make you feel better when you haven’t in a while.

Please continue to partner with us in prayer as we get our first set of campers tomorrow! Things you can be praying for us:

1. Health as we rest from traveling for the past 24 hours

2. That the language barrier will not keep us from building relationships quickly.

3. That God would move in mighty ways in our campers hearts and in our hearts and the hearts of our national staff.

Continue to follow us each day as we post updates!!

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