We just arrived at the camp that we are staying at this week. It is a really cool place, located on the side of a hill. All of the cabins are located around the central meeting areas. There is a catholic sanctuary which looks pretty cool. Each cabin has four bunk beds so there will be plenty of room for all of our campers tomorrow.

Once we unloaded our luggage from the bus, we all went to explore the grounds of the camp. Since it is on a hill, we had to walk down the hill to find a field with soccer goals, a basketball court, playground area. All of which will be fantastic to use for activities during camp.




Oh and some chickens just hanging out


Actually seeing and being here at camp gets us excited for the lives and hearts of the campers that will be here tomorrow! The locals that work with CCI are here and we have met all of them. Luckily most of them know some English so we are working through communicating and learning new words every minute it feels like. Until tomorrow we will be doing training about the philosophy of Pine Cove, how we teach camp, and what we can do better to serve the staff of El Salvador.


One of the big concepts that we teach is “No se trata de mi” which means “It is not about me.” When we are with the kids and teaching them about Christ, the biggest learning example is how we live. When we live knowing that it’s not about us, the kids and the staff see that. Helping and serving others can have a huge impact on a persons life and they will ask, “why do you do that?” Then we can tell them how Jesus has transformed our life!

Also if you didn’t know, today is Britteny Barham’s (or Moosin Around) birthday!!!! And what better way to celebrate her birthday in traditional El Salvadorian fashion. Here’s the video and some pictures from the celebration! Everyone wish her happy birthday!

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