After a long day, we made it!

The day started with a 4am wakeup call and a quick ride to the airport. From there it was smooth sailing. We had a short layover in Miami and then made it to the DR without a hitch, which is always a win. And an even bigger win, we made it with all of our luggage. Last year, our team arrived to the Dominican and were without our bags for 3 days. Needless to say, it’s already been a huge blessing and an answer to prayer that we made it safely with all of our bags.

After we picked up our bags, we were met at the gates by some old friends and pizza; quite the way to end a long trip. After a short ride from the airport, we arrived at our home for the next 8 days and this place is incredible! 

We also got to meet the rest of the Dominican team, a mix of familiar and new faces. As usual, it was quite the welcome. Despite the lack of sleep and language barrier, our teams have jumped in and are already becoming one. It’s been fun to see relationships being built even when we can’t understand each other. Here’s a picture of the team after some training and camp dances:

Campers arrive early tomorrow morning and we can’t wait for them to get here! Please be praying for the campers and our staff as we get ready for an awesome week!