Well folks, after an early morning we made it safely to the Dominican
Republic! No bags were lost (hooray!) and we stepped off the plane to
warm weather, and even warm cookies and coffee delivered to our
shuttle bus by our hosts!

We have been overwhelmed with hospitality and joy from our Dominican
partners. As we pulled into camp we were welcomed with dancing, hats,
and sodas. Camp looks different here in the Dominican Republic than it
does in Columbus, Texas but how cool is it that we worship and serve
the same God! We moved into our cabins, walked around camp to
brainstorm activity class ideas, and played games with everyone.
Language has had no barrier on the ministry and partnership that is
already happening here. Our team member, Ally “Nariz” Fraustro helped
Philip lead our training sessions tonight in translating our hearts
behind why we do what we do at Pine Cove!

Our Dominican friends told our team that while they know there are
many differences between us, they are sure of two things that we all
share already:
1. We all love God
2. We all love to dance

When Philip prayed for our first meal together tonight he asked God to
bless us as we become unified as one team and that we wouldn’t just
see each other merely as partners, but as brothers and sisters in
Christ. Join us in praying that we would continue to be unified with
our brothers and sisters here.

Check back in tomorrow to hear about our experience attending church
in town and the opportunity we’ll have to worship with our team at their local church!


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