We’re here, we made it, and that’s awesome! As we journed from Dallas to Miami  and finally made it to Cosita Rica. We were warmly welcomed by our contact Sebastian and several other staff memebers of the camp in Cosita Rica. We soon found out that the place that we had landed was very different from the U.S. The city was booming and the people spoke a completely different langague then we did. A lot of us were blown away by the beauty of the city and the mountains that we saw in the distance. Once we sat down with our Costa Rican brothers and sisters we knew something even quicker than when we first saw Latin America. We saw, we felt, and we experienced a love and a gift of hospitality that can only come from God. From going on different flights, making sure we had our luggage and traveling to what seems like a different world. We were refreshed and comforted by God’s people. They reminded us that God works and is present not just in America, but throughout the entire world. With that reminder it gets us ready to worship God in our joy, our compassion, and our service to him and his people. We can’t wait to see what the Lord has for us.