Welcome to the blog for our trip to El Salvador! We are glad that you are following us along in our trip through prayer and encouragement. With only a couple of days until we depart for El Salvador, please pray for safe travel and to prepare the hearts of the people of El Salvador. We have been waiting a long time to get to share the gospel in El Salvador! Check in regularly for new posts on our fun encounters with the people and culture there!

Pine Cove is joining up with CCI (Commission Camping International) to share the gospel through Christian camping. This will allow us to show the locals how we have used Christian camping to spread God’s love for years to come. We are involved in this partnership so that even after we leave, there will be a lasting impact and the staff there can minister to people there in a sustainable way. We are excited about this opportunity and glad to have you on this journey.

Please leave comments on our posts with your thoughts, encouragements, and prayers. They are greatly appreciated! Also, share this blog with those you know so that more people can know of God’s impact around the world.