Hello friends and family!

It has been a full day of getting ready for camp! The Latin American staff let us sleep in until 9:30am this morning which was a blessing after traveling the whole day before. We then met up for a delicious breakfast of pancakes and oatmeal (my favorite part about eating pancakes here is they serve them with honey instead of syrup! If you haven’t tried it, you must and then you will be hooked!)

After breakfast we went on a tour around the camp. And it was breathtaking! I was blessed to get to go on this trip last year and so I was used to some of the sights around camp. However, God blessed me by opening my eyes to His majestic work around camp. The signs that remind you to pray continuously, the huge trees that are overwhelming in their width and height, the beautiful stream that runs through the outskirts of camp, and the south of American Pine Cove counselors developing relationships with Honduran counselors as they share about their culture and themselves are all things that have me in awe of the Lord’s sovereignty and His love for us all!

We then came back to camp and had a BIG dance party (typical Pine Cove fashion, am I right?) and then sat down for lunch. The Lord provided laughter and learning as we broke bread and ate around the table together. Once all of us had a delicious meal, we then discussed a few of the activities that we will be doing once the campers get here.

The rest of the evening has been spent decorating for the campers and also preparing our hearts and minds for opening day tomorrow.

Would you join us in praying for:

  1. The counselors: to depend on the Lord continuously as the week goes on.
  2. For our campers as they prepare to come: that the Lord would already break down their walls and soften their hardened hearts.
  3. For the program: that we would be able to have a fluid and well planned program as we work together to plan for camp.
  4. That internet: would continue to work out and that we would have clear connection to communicate with you about our days! So if we miss a post, all is well except the internet connection! This is also the reason for the lack of pictures.

Thank you for your partnership and support!

Funny story of the day: When we arrived we discovered that our luggage decided to take a little break in Miami and wanted to join us later. IT arrived safely today and we are rejoicing that we can all take showers and have clean clothes! I’m sure there are many lessons we all learned from not having our comfort of luggage and clean clothes. You need to ask your staffer about this once we return!

Until tomorrow, Adios!