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Water Day We Had

Posted Jan 7, 2017

Hey guys, Carson here!It’s day 4 of camp here in Peru, which is hard to believe. Time really is flying! Every day there have been new surprises and adventures. Today really was incredible. The water activities we played were like nothing I have ever seen. There was so much joy found in just buckets of water, water bottles, sponges, and a make-shift tarp! The kids love the cold water here and the counselors loved watching the kid’s faces light up all day. Everybody had a great time. 

       Club tonight was awesome. I think it is because the Peruvians and us “northerners” are becoming very comfortable with each other. We all danced and sang songs together, and the “P.U.M” (club room) got so hype! The language barrier has no affect on how we are interacting. It was crazy to see that even though we are essentially yelling gibberish at each other, the love and joy that filled the room was just as fulfilling as it would be if we spoke the same language. 

      We have had less sickness than I thought we would, which is definitely a blessing. Please continue to pray for our campers first and foremost, but also for health, for rest, for endurance, and for all of these pesky mosquitos to leave us alone. Seriously they are the worst! 

       The team is in good spirits and has unrelenting energy. The joy of the Lord is truly our strength! The team and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. 


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  1. Soooo fun! Can’t beat kids + water activities!! Glad it went well, and loved that video of Club too! You guys are awesome. I’m sure you’re tired at this point, but way to keep at it!! Love you guys & praying for energy & health!