It’s been a full day here!

We woke up and had an early breakfast at the church.  We left for downtown at about 9, walked around the downtown area for a couple hours and got to see the government palace aka the capital.  The architecture here is incredible.

Then we left for Antigua!  It’s the most beautiful city that I’ve been to here.  It sits between two huge volcanoes.  It’s kind of touristy, but hey, you gotta do those things once, right?

Here’s some pictures from today!

Prayers for good health and a great second camp are appreciated!  We are doing well, but are definitely feel more and more tired!  One thing we know for sure, God is bigger than all of our circumstances.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow as we head out for our camp for middle and high schoolers.  Look forward to more posts soon!

With a full heart and sore feet :),