Days like today don’t happen very often. Shoot, weeks like this week don’t happen very often. This blog can’t come close to describing the experiences we’ve had as accurately as we lived them. There are so many different stories, inside jokes, funny circumstances, comments, and situations that would take many days to recount.

Tonight, we enjoyed the closing celebration with the people of PIBA Communidad. This closing was special since we will not coming back to assist their camp anymore. After three successful years of partnership, we are parting ways. With that, PIBA pulled out all the big guns in order to send us off well. Several people spoke, they all gave each of us gifts, and there was dancing. Yes, dancing. This should come as no surprise since we all know Pine Cove dances all the time. This time, however, we weren’t the only ones dancing!

We’ve also found the Panamanian people to be very inclusive, so it didn’t surprise us when they invited us to join them.


Our friends from PIBA showered us with gifts, as well. They are such generous people!







Some of the campers and counselors shared about their experiences over the last three years. I was more than pleased to hear all of the positive things they learned from the Lord as a result of Pine Cove teaming up with them. Of course, God could use whoever he wanted, but he chose to use us. I am so thankful for this partnership.


I would also like to thank Jake Porter, Suzanne Zieman, and all the other people who joined me on the 2012 and 2013 trips. You were building blocks on which to place the trophy at the end.

They will continue to do camp without us in the coming years. They are more than capable of operating on their own. That’s the way it was planned. Thank God for success!

We will be heading out from the seminary in Arraijan in the morning for our 9:20am EST flight. Our flight number is American Airlines flight 2268, and we are scheduled to arrive in Dallas at 1pm CST. Thank you for following the blog, and continue to pray for the people of PIBA as well as our journey back to the US. Love you all!