It is 12:10 on a Thursday. Thursday???  Unfortunately time doesn’t slow here in Costa Rica so the week has gone by unbearably fast. We can not believe that it is our last full day here at Camp Tang. Our campers are scheduled to leave at noon tomorrow so we are making the most of what time we have left! Last night was jam packed and this morning has been really busy as well.

costarica2014-01-08 12.34.39

Yesterday afternoon our camp engaged in an all camp game that was really similar to sharks and minnows, but there were flags involved. First, all of the campers had flags and lined the walls of the soccer field and then the Tiko team stood in the middle. As the campers wildly tried to make it past the Tikos with their flags intact, the struggle for victory created hilarious pictures and lots of awkward moments. Different variations were played of this game until eventually it was the Pine Cove staff that had to get across and through the sea of campers. While some girls like Cassie and myself used TJ and Josh to create a barrier of protection, others like Jayson, Tyler, and Matt just sprinted across with the best of their ability. For those wondering, TJ tripped in the barrier of protection, so I tripped on top of TJ and then Cassie finished the job by pushing me down so she could make it across. Memories, y’all.

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After the all-camp game, we settled in with some free time and got ready for dinner. We enjoyed a pasta that was similar to something that you might find in an Olive Garden….but in Costa Rica. It was super delicious! Following dinner, we played another all-camp game called Commando. No worries, folks, all clothes remained firmly on. This was a game in which gold coins where given to counselors and then said counselors hid extremely well in secret locations. The campers had to find the hidden counselors and say the “passcode” in order to receive a coin, which was taken back to base and counted. The team with the most points in the end wins! Now, this game sounds relatively easy. However, the campers were having to do this in the pitch-black dark, outside, without the help of other counselors or flashlights. The campers literally ended up begging on their knees for gold coins, because they couldn’t find the hidden counselors. In the duration of this game, Johnny Futbol was running around in the dark and scaring campers by falling out of trees and screaming like a wild animal. The brave Johnny dove from one tree too many and accidentally injured his shoulder pretty seriously. That didn’t stop him from coming to camp the next day, however. He has that arm wrapped up in a makeshift sling from a scarf and is proceeding through camp liken normal. What a guy!


The Johnny Futbol

The Johnny Futbol


After that game concluded, the campers were told to go back to the middle of the fubol field, which is across the camp from the chapel. We had four of our staff with a single flashlight spread randomly throughout the grounds with flashlights. The campers were told to follow the lights, which eventually led to a blacked out chapel, where Tyler and Trey sang and played soft worship music while the cabins had the opportunity to pray with each other. While Ben and I finished tinkering with the internet, we were able to stumble upon this sight. The campers had been steadily praying and worshiping together for an extended period of time. It was so great to just walk in and feel the Lords presence and see him working so greatly throughout the entire camp.



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Also, after worship, we found that one of our amazing cooks captured the gauntlet from the inside of the bus when we had our first session of kids. What a sight to see the gauntlet from that perspective! We are going to post that to our blog as soon as we have an internet connection that isn’t as slow as a snail.

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Today has been awesome so far! We started the day with our Bible study, which followed with activities and some yummy fresh fruit! The lake activity was a HUGE hit, probably the campers favorite. Even in the pouring rain, they were so excited to go back out and hit the water (literally). Also, we discovered that we have new friends in our cabins and showers…lizards. And lots of them!

For our prayer warriors, we are fighting dehydration and sickness today in camp. Pray hard for us to be able to finish camp healthy and happy!

Peace out, girl and boy scouts.