If you have been reading the Silverado team’s blog here you might have noticed they didn’t blog yesterday. There is good reason for that… they had a stomach bug hit them pretty hard.  Our two trip leaders (Rory and Jimbo) and a few summer staff (don’t worry, the parents whose kids it impacted have already been called) had some diarrhea and vomiting from the stomach bug.  All were taken to a local, nice hospital and treated with fluids and medicine to help their stomachs settle.

Rory and Jimbo were hit the hardest and were monitored by a doctor overnight.  Here’s a bit of the text message I received from him about his experience…. “There was a very kind doctor treating all of us last night and how just visited Rory and I again. Come to find out he is the uncle of one of our awesome El Salvadorian staffers here.  Not only that, but he studied at Cornell University and was the Vice Minister of Health for the country a few years back and his speciality is infections, like the viral one we have.” Praise God for his provision.

Both Rory and Jimbo are a lot better but still having some stomach troubles. The summer staffers are back in full swing and spent their off day at the beach with the rest of the Pine Cove and El Salvadorian team.

Once Jimbo and Rory are back online they will post you an update on the second session of camp.  All is well but wanted to make sure you knew how you can pray.

Jason Wallace, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships