Things have been going incredibly well at camp! Our counselors are getting even more comfortable in the roles as counselors this week. Although things are still not necessarily easy for most of our counselors, our counselors are definitely thriving in their cabins! This week Mason and Nathan have the youngest boys at camp in their cabins. They have been doing a great job of showing love and joy to their guys. I got to play capture the flag with their cabin today and it was so cool to see the way that they were intentional with their guys even during a game. They have done a great job through their facial expressions and body language in communicating their care for their campers. We are praying that the Lord would work in the hearts of their young campers in a transforming way!

Brandon has been such a learner on this trip. He has been carrying around a notepad and jotting down Spanish phrases so that he can communicate as much as he can with his kids. I got to play kajabi can can with his cabin today and it was so cool to see the bond that he has built with his cabin.

Club at camp this week has been electric! We do a lot of high energy praise and worship songs. One of our favorites says in the chorus “Tu amor es grande.” Which means your love is great! We get to do hand motions, stomp our feet, and shout praises to God! There have also been really cool skits at club. There was a skit last night where local counselors acted like tools that were arguing about which tool is the greatest. Eventually, the carpenter came out and told them they were all special. The message was that just like those tools, each of us is God’s creation and has gifts that he has given us that are part of what makes us special.

After that, there was a part where Grant got to perform some magic tricks. He did an excellent job (as usual). And what was really cool was that after his show, one of our local leaders talked to the campers about how God gives everyone gifts and talents and to us for. His glory. She talked about how that is why Grant does his magic. This was really powerful and one girl during reflection time told her counselor, Lexus, that God used it to teach her something!

There are campers from different backgrounds at camp this week and this has caused some division between the kids. Our Honduran leaders have tried to plan programs, like the skit and Grant’s magic, that help show the campers that everyone is special in God’s eyes. We are working hard with the Honduran team to build unity at camp. Please pray for our campers that they would have soft hearts to God and that disunity would not be a distraction! Even today God has been answering prayers as we have seen more peace and joy amongst the kids! We are praying that God continues to do great things.

Also, each night we have been able to read through all of the blog comments and everyone has been really encouraged by them! Keep posting, we love it and miss you all!

Funny Misspoken Spanish of the Day: Mason was asked by his Honduran co-counselor, “How much Spanish can you speak?” And Mason said “pequito,” trying to communicate that he speaks a little but pequito actually means “little kiss.” Needless to say, his co-counselor was very confused.