After our plane landed, we got to meet a lot of the core group on the El Salvador side of things. Mario, Dinorah, Keila, Alma and Jorge picked us up from the airport in a school bus and off to Wendy’s we went. Yes, you heard us right. Wendy’s. We got to learn more about the culture from our friends here and share in a lot of laughs. After that, with some expert driving from our bus driver, we made it to Casa de Mision, where we will stay 3 separate times on our trip.

We are looking forward to training day tomorrow. We are excited to meet our co-counselors and learn how we are going to be partnering with each other this week.

God has already answered so many of our team’s prayer requests. We desire that if you are reading this blog that you would be in prayer for our team as we do the work that he has for us here.