Hello from Panama!

Today was filled with a lot! We started the morning with breakfast about 7:30am at our hotel. Below is a picture outside the hotel we stayed at last night!

Here are two pictures of our transportation for the last couple days. As you can see we fit pretty tight into our two “buses” :)!  
Next, we traveled to the church to go through some camp philosophy training with our Panamanian friends in their youth sanctuary. 

Then we packed back up in the buses and drove to Cermeño where our camp site is – enjoy the photos   

Fun facts about our camp grounds: The church has owned this 10 acre property the camp is on for 30 years. They have many fresh orange and mandarin orange trees along with some grapefruit and lemon tree – we ate all we could on our walk of camp! Below are a couple photos of the camp grounds. 


It has already been really cool to this to see the Lord’s faithfulness in answered prayers!

We are safe and well! Thank you for your prayers!

Campers arrive tomorrow!