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Travel Day #2 / Orientation Day

Posted Jan 4, 2016

Hello from Panama!

Today was filled with a lot! We started the morning with breakfast about 7:30am at our hotel. Below is a picture outside the hotel we stayed at last night!

Here are two pictures of our transportation for the last couple days. As you can see we fit pretty tight into our two “buses” :)!  
Next, we traveled to the church to go through some camp philosophy training with our Panamanian friends in their youth sanctuary. 

Then we packed back up in the buses and drove to Cermeño where our camp site is – enjoy the photos   

Fun facts about our camp grounds: The church has owned this 10 acre property the camp is on for 30 years. They have many fresh orange and mandarin orange trees along with some grapefruit and lemon tree – we ate all we could on our walk of camp! Below are a couple photos of the camp grounds. 


It has already been really cool to this to see the Lord’s faithfulness in answered prayers!

We are safe and well! Thank you for your prayers!

Campers arrive tomorrow!

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  1. Sweet smelling Ellen

    Panama here we are again
    To love wonderful people that live near the sand

    Teaching them the build their house on the rock
    And listen for His loving Knock

    Fun and games galore
    Keep an eye out for a bug on The floor!!

    While you are warm comfy and hot
    Midland Texas is not!

    Papaya, bananas and surprise dinner-O
    I’m back home eating Tex-Mex and a jalapeño !

    I pray the Holy Spirit guides your words like darts
    And His love touches and fills their hearts

    O sweet smell’in Ellen,
    Don’t eat too much Mellon

    Use your earthly strength
    To fulfill His great commission ,
    I know you will bless them
    So at their time – Heaven will accept their Admission

    Play sing laugh cry and pray
    Show them the our God is everyday

    As you bless them and they bless YOU !!

  2. I see you all found the slab already! Great place for some truth in the morning. Excited for campers to be getting there soon!

  3. I know this is not relevant to all, and not encouraging in a biblical sense, but I wanted to make sure certain members of the team were aware that Trevor Knight transferred to A&M. Thank you:)

    Praying for the impact you have today with campers! Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather!!!

  4. Sleepy staff…just catching up while they can!

    What a yummy camp you have!

    Can’t wait to meet/see the campers you get to work with!

  5. LOVE this team!!! Praying for you guys and the first day of camp! Cannot wait to hear all about it!

  6. Sweet fellowship happens on the slab… Worth the morning hike. Hope y’all enjoyed Oliver’s rendition of Ultimate Werewolf. Rather amazed that Mason can sleep like that^. Good to see Papa Arrington scripting poems again. Hope y’all have an energetic opening day.
    #Panamaniacs #TrevorKnight #BumptheLamp

  7. So thankful the luggage was found; we need to donate neck travel pillows; Such beautiful grounds. Praying all went well with the children today; can’t wait to hear the details!

  8. Wake-y wake-y
    Eggs and Bac-y

    In Pannama they eat fruit
    Not Steak-y

    The sun rises in the Atlantic and Pacific
    That is really cool and terrific

    Little children love fun and games
    And especially if you remember their names

    Early to rise and shine
    To show them how His word is Devine

    Love them and teach them
    You are such a gem

    Sweet smell’n Ellen
    You are gell’n

    Don’t climb a tree looking for squirrels
    That for boys not girls

    DJ got your flying Mo a new cage so cool
    But scary terry sckreeches like a guel

    I love you baby girl
    It’s great your giving Panama a twirl!!