This is it.

The Pine Cove Towers has partnered with the Panama Iglesia Bautista de Arraijan (PIBA) since 2012. This will be the final year we travel to Arraijan and work shoulder to shoulder alongside our adopted family from the southernmost country in Central America. It’s about to go down, people.

Third year trips like this one give all of the responsibility of programming and administrating camp to the host country. Our Panamanian friends have learned much since we started this partnership, and they are ready to do camp independently. I am thankful, however, that we get to experience their version of camp based on the experiences we have had together. Yes, please.

Our team is ready! Many of them are trying to get a little nap in before we head out at 3am CST. I will definitely be headed that way once this blog post gets published. Our team is incredible. Epic and orchestrated by God himself. I’ll be letting you know little updates periodically throughout the traveling process. Panama, here we come.

Pray for our travels and my team’s endurance. We’ll be up at 3am, traveling all day, and training with the Panamanian staff until around 11pm EST. Leave your comments below so I have encouraging things to read the team when we meet together tomorrow!

B. Sims, out.