Today we spent the day touring and enjoying El Salvador. We went to the beach this morning. We were amazed again at God’s stunning creation. We spent the morning playing in the waves, finding crabs, seeing how many people we could send down a slide, and trying to not get too sunburned. After the beach, we loaded the bus and went to the mall. We found some cultural souvenirs and ate some awesome crepes. After the mall we came back to the hostel and had dinner and some debrief time. Below are some things that our team shared that they have been learning and some moments that stood out…

-it was a blessing to have fun and glorify God together, even not speaking the same language or understanding each other, it was a little picture of heaven

-we may differ in style of personalities but we work very well together as a team; both share the importance of the gospel in all things; learning how to combine and working with each other’s gifts

-we were very blessed that the national team was very aware of us and wanted to include us and loved us well through that

-we serve the same God and are united in one body through one calling

-love is a language that everyone can understand

-God was glorified through the language barrier; worship together was beautiful, reading the same message in different languages

-God was faithful to provide reminders and encouragement exactly when we needed it

-God is detailed and intricate, like in crabs we saw on the beach; God is so powerful and made the sun which miles and miles away can still burn our skin

-learning by observation rather than experience

-God is constant no matter where we are, we have no reason or right to put him in a box or limit our expectations of His power

-humility; learning to be aware of our sin, remembering that every small thing put Jesus on the cross

-a passion and desire for The Lord; understanding that you can’t love what you don’t know

[Psalm 63:5-6]
I will be fully satisfied as with the riches of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise You. On my bed I remember You; I think of you through the watches of the night.

God has been faithful and true to satisfy us. Please be praying for our second session Thursday-Saturday, that we will be dependent on the Lord and aware of His presence and work always.