Tourism Day

Posted Jan 8, 2016

 Today is Friday and we can’t really believe that we are already more than halfway done with our trip here in El Salvador!
This is also our day off from camp to be able to see the country and be complete tourists for the day. It gives us a good break from camp and allows us to more so see the culture of else Salvador. For some of we have never been out of the country before! The cool thing too is that our local staff friends planned the day and knew the fun/good things to do. 
Our first stop of the day was “A la playa” or to the beach! We headed out about an hour south of the mission house in San Salvador to the Pacific Ocean in Costa de Sol, La Paz. We felt really cool because we got a wristband to get in. We were told that we could have all the snacks and drinks we wanted all day! For lunch we chose from Salvador steaks, burgers, whole fish, chicken and more. 
We got to go run into the ocean and throw the frisbee on the shore. Some of us went out into the waves and we’ll be honest, they were massive! We got thrown around a lot and were exhausted, but had a ton of fun. There were many hammocks to nap in, a pool to play in andys you can see some mini soccer was played!





After our long day on the beach, with our sunburn a and somewhat rested souls we headed back to the city. But along the way we stopped and got some coconut water! It was yummy. When in El Salvador.  She chopped them up for us right there and poured the water into a bag for us to drink with a straw. 

Then our final stop of the night was to a mall in San Salvador. We wanted to do some shopping and explored the mall like we were in junior high, awesome! Then we ate dinner at the mall in Pizza Hut. It was a fancy one with all kinds of food in a sitdown style. We ate so much pizza. 

A great tourism day for sure. Please pray for us as tomorrow morning we head back to camp and campers will be there soon after. Pray for hearts to be changed and us to work well with the national staff!

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