Today is our tourism day. We take a break from camp and go with some of our partners to explore the country! We got up and had breakfast at the missionary hostel and hit the road on our big yellow school bus.

We stopped and took some pictures near three volcanos and loaded back up to head to the beach! At the beach we will eat lunch and get some time to play and relax. After the beach, we are going to a shopping center and then back to the hostel.

Tomorrow we will start our second session of camp with campers ranging from about 8-12 years old. Please be praying for energy and renewed strength for our team as we prepare to start over with new staff and campers. It will be a quick transition as we return to camp at the same time as the second group of campers and staff and start camp as soon as we arrive. We are so excited to work with younger kids and continue to share our philosophy and mission of Christian camping. While we are all indescribably grateful for Pine Cove and all that it has done for each of us, we know that our camp would be nothing apart from God’s work in everything. We pray that God would continue to work and have His hand in all that we do and say so that His name will be made known. Thanks for following our trip, keep following our adventure, we aren’t done here just yet!