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Touched down in Managua!

Posted Jan 3, 2017

We arrived safely in Managua, Nicaragua!! We got through customs smoothly and we were greeted with our Towers camp cheer by the Nicaraguan staff! It was the best. 

The weather is of course warm here in Managua but doing summer camp in East Texas has definitely prepared us well! We are currently on a bus right now headed to the camp site. We’re getting the chance to know them already and learn about their lives on our hour bus ride! We already feel so welcomed and loved by the Nicaraguan staff. Pray for quick adjustment to the language barrier and that we’d be able to build relationships quickly.

We’re thankful to have made it safely and can’t wait to continue this adventure! Thanks so much for your prayers! Be looking for a post again tomorrow!

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  1. ¡Hola! I love that y’all are back in Nicaragua! That place sure has my heart! For those of you who have never gotten to experience it before — soak it all in!! You will be changed by your time there!

    Praying y’all get rest tonight, that y’all stay safe, and just have a BLAST meeting the Nicaraguan team! Say hello to Tito and Manuel for me!

    Also y’all have the BEST women’s director leading y’all!! (Conor is pretty fun too!)

    Cant wait to hear all about the trip!

  2. Oh yeah!!! What a team, you guys are all GOATS! Glad you guys made it safely and are in good hands there with the locals! Can’t wait to hear about the place, the people, and camp! Keep the posts coming! #LiftHeavySpanishThings

  3. Hello To All –

    So thankful you arrived safely. Enjoy the sun’s warmth ! Dropping down in the twenties in North Texas !

    Looking forward to hearing about your fellowship.

  4. So many prayer warriors lifting you up! Please make sure and update with prayer needs so we can all be going to the Father on your behalf. A balmy -2 degree windchill in Kansas this morning. I’m sure “Go Conies” is missing that. Make the most of every moment.

  5. Thankful u r there safe and sound!! Praying for u all and for the campers!!! Love u, Brownie Bites!