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Today was a big day!

Posted Jan 5, 2016

Hey, everyone! Barrett here. We started the day around 8 o’clock for breakfast and about an hour later we were blessed with the presence of around 110 campers ages 12-16. Most, if not all, of the campers go to our host church, Casa de Oracion Cristiana (House of Christian Prayer).

Campers arrived around 9 o’clock this morning and got camp going immediately. This is what we did today in mostly correct order: worship, bible study, lunch, station activities like flag football and slip ‘n slide, dinner, more worship (let’s go), and now the cabin groups are making up cabin cheers on “la cancha,” which is basically anywhere sports are played. This cancha has basketball goals – which are widely ignored – where kids play lots of soccer; some even like to play barefoot on the concrete surface. Dedication. Or dedicación, depending on where you’re from.

Disfrutan las fotos… Sorry. English. Enjoy the pictures from today! Continue to pray for everyone here in Cermeño. For our counselors and Panamanian staff to be quick to preach the gospel, for open ears and hearts from young campers, and for the will of God to be done here. Enjoy!

bible study

slipping snd sliding


helping in the kitchen


helping in the kitchen pt. 2


helping in the kitchen pt. 3





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  1. So happy every morning to get a report! I can only imagine the excitement the new campers are experiencing! What a great ministry you have! I sure miss my Elley! All is well here in Texas! I love you all! (Give Elley a squeeze for me!)

  2. Yeah Ranch! So much fun. Glad y’all are enjoying serving and pouring out.

    Praying for continued health and smoothness.

  3. Wow! This is stinkin’ awesome. I love y’all and I’m praying for you and your campers that Jesus’ name will be magnified. Stay safe and keep the photos coming!

  4. Good to see those Coppell girls in the kitchen?. The country looks so green. I wish we were wearing shorts and t shirts here. Club looks fun but way to many feet on the ground. Continue to pump it up. Prayers for effective and meaningful interactions despite any language barrier.