Today has been full of tourism! But more than that, our day has been full of hanging out and bonding even more as a team. Barrett and I hate that we only have one day with just us as a group. This team is always laughing and joking with each other along with have intentional and meaningful conversations. We are on the bus right now heading back to Cofradia for dinner and I hear all around the chatter of people doing life together. And it is music to my ears!
Today started off with breakfast together and then heading out to the market to get some Honduras merchandise. People bought jerseys, blankets, hammocks, head bands, and most of all: coffee! After the market we headed to the beach! Our hosts took us to a beautiful resort outside of San Pedro Sula that had delicious food, a beautiful view, and a really fun water slide at the pool. We played in the ocean for a little while and then all rested on the beach. It was a good time to reflect on the week and talk about what we’ve learned throughout the trip.
We are getting ready for an early morning to start our journey home! The next post will be telling you we made it back to the states! See y’all soon!