Welcome to the Timbers Commission Camping trip to El Salvador! We wanted to introduce everyone to the team and get to know them a little bit. Here are some fun facts about everyone on the team so enjoy!



Mallory Brandenburg

I absolutely CANNOT do a cartwheel for the life of me. My family has spent MANY Sunday afternoons with me in our yard and I’ve still never succeeded.
I may not can do a cartwheel but I CAN do what they say is supposed to be impossible by licking my elbow (weird, I know)
One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone uses my toothpaste and squeezes it in the middle instead of the end #marriagehereicome

Mallory Brandenburg


Garret Ward

I got to go bungee jumping in San Francisco 3 months ago!
I drive my truck with the tailgate down because I think it’s more aerodynamic.
One of my great friends lives in El Salvador and I met him on my first trip Commission Camping.


Madison Smith

I love making lists and checking things off of them.
I’m a big Harry Potter and LOTR fan (although some would say I’m not a true fan because I haven’t read the books… It’s on my to-do list OKAY!)
I love all things cozy including overcast weather, blankets, coffee, PJ’s, Christmas lights, fun socks, and movie marathons.


CJ Cook

I am a Spanish Teaching major
One of my biggest dreams is to learn how to play the drums and be in a band
I like sleeping on couches more than on my own bed


Logan Floyd

I have lived in 6 different states in my life.
I’m addicted to coffee (I just reached Gold status with Starbucks 🙂
I think that Tangled is the best movie ever made… No question


Samantha Edwards

Ice cream is my number one favorite food of all time.
Sometimes I wish I were born in the 80’s with all the dancing and big hair and great music… I would have thrived. Oh, and windsuits. #yes
I really love art and almost majored in it, and then I picked nursing. because they’re totally similar.


Bailey Wilkerson

I haven’t taken Spanish since the fourth grade ( but I’m using duolingo don’t worry guys)
I love queso and eat it probably 3 times a week
I am currently living in an apartment with 10 roommates


Sadie Butler

I’ve been to Nicaragua a couple times, which makes me stinkin PUMPED for this trip because Central America is the best.
Sometimes I drink chocolate milk to help me fall asleep (by sometimes I mean almost every time)
I’d be 100% okay if winter never existed. So I probably should move closer to the equator. *but I do love Christmas, so that can stay


Claire Krause

I am going to turn 21 on this trip!!!
I have a tacky Christmas sweater for every day of the week.
I am ridiculously competitive at cards, almost to a fault.


Will Brown

I have an too many embarrassing stories that involve me and dating hence how I got my camp name.
I love superheroes probably a little too much.
I also am growing my hair to have an Afro. So there’s that.


Lauren Wilson

My favorite movie is Remember the Titans
I’m terrified of fish and will scream if one gets near me
Sonic is my number one simple pleasure


Madison Rindfleisch

I’m obsessed with my dog Minnie Pearl, she’s the scruffiest rat dog you’ve ever seen
My favorite movie is also Remember the Titans
I have a weird love for caravans and carpools


Sydney Burk

The only thing I’m allergic to is nacho cheese Doritos.
I’m deathly afraid of frogs.
The two main food groups are mac & cheese and ice cream, and I don’t really see any room for argument there.

Sydney Burk

Will Ross

Any and all snakes make me scream like a girl.
I’ve changed my major 4 times and I’m only in my 3rd semester of college…
I once got this really terrible virus that was apparently named the “oral-fickle disease” one summer at Boy Scout camp. #blessed

Will Ross

Keaton Yeatts

I know every word to every frozen song.
My first car was a baby blue convertible Volkswagen beetle.
Sometimes I wear a gorilla costume to my college cafe and hand out bananas.

Keaton Yeatts

Brad Gee

I’ve been to emergency room 7 times.
My big toes grow in toward my other toes.
I eat BBQ sauce on anything.

Brad Gee


That’s all for now, we will be posting again before we fly out to El Salvador January 3!



The Timbers Terrific Team