Thursday was another incredible day at camp! We continue to be amazed at how God is using us while we are here!

One of today’s highlights was our 3 hour picnic lunch. Each cabin was given a small metal portable grill stand and a plate of food. They then went and grilled their own chicken and made their own salad. It was funny and cool to see how excited the kids were but also amazing to see how skilled they were at such things. Each group made their own fire and enjoyed lunch together in the shade around camp.

All of the cabins are working on a drama to present to the entire camp tomorrow. We are interested to see how this assignment translated! Some groups are preparing songs and dances. We are hoping to cap off the week of learning by giving the kids an opportunity to share what they have experienced with one another and with The Lord this week.

It is still so funny to hear the kids going around and mimicking our Pine Cove counselors by doing camp cheers, college cheers, and acting like them in so many ways. Today we did the Towers cheers, cheered on the Nebraska Big Red, Called the Hogs of Arkansas, and heard a lot of Howdys. It is hilarious!

Tonight at club we continued with lots of dancing and singing. As we were jumping to one of the fast songs I watched Blair’s co-counselor look at her and then immediately start imitating the way that she was jumping and dancing. It is cool to see that and know that they are that passionate to learn and get better. We are hoping that attitude continues to spread in every area!

For all of you Pine Cove Towers 2014 staff, don’t worry, we have continued to pursue the prank mentality. There have been a small few ones but we are being careful not to do something that doesn’t fit culturally.

I, Andrew, personally continue to be in awe of how God had orchestrated for us to have our translator Jamie here with us this week. Today, several of our staff got to share with her about our faith. I got to share about my family and the love that I have for my wife and daughter. I explained to her that I know how to love them because I am loved by God. I also told her that I understand the love He has for me more because of them. As usual, I started crying telling her about that and she shared that she has never interacted with people who are that passionate about anything and that she had never seen a man cry. She laughed and told me she wouldn’t tell anyone but I assured her that it happens all the time at camp, ha ha!

Please continue to pray for our team, the Nicaraguan team, our campers and for The Lord to do huge things!

Continue leaving us blomments…they are very fun and encouraging!

View of Managua at night from camp

Prayer after club

Spirit Stick winners