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The Skit Saves the Day! 

Posted Jan 7, 2017

Sad news: we had to close the beloved pool or today for cleaning 🙁 

Happy news: the skit plot was right on time and helped save the day! 

We we worried the campers would be upset that they didn’t get to swim due to the pool cleaning…but luckily we made an impromptu skit and blamed it all on the evil skit villain! Today, King Queso was scheduled to take over the pool and fill it with his queso so it was perfect timing!

The skit will continue at lunch and we were able to play water games instead this morning which rocked! All went well, and water games were a blast! 

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  1. “King queso had to close the pool to fill it with queso anyway so it worked out fine!”

    Hahahahaha you guys are the best. I love the way camp ministry translates! Way to be seriously fun in Peru!

  2. King Queso looks familiar. You guys all seem to be doing a great job. Tracy said with all the camp loudness, her voice is starting to disappear. Keep up the good work, say hello to Katy for me as well as TJ and Tracy. You are doing awesome work.