Having an incredible Day 1 of our first session of Camp!  The two sessions are divided by age group, so this week we have kids anywhere from 6 years old to 12 years old.  It’s pretty easy to see that they are stealing all of our hearts, even in the first few hours.

After our two hour bus ride to the camp, which is just outside of Puerto de San Jose, Guatemala, we divided the students into 3 guys groups, and 2 girls groups.  Then we ate lunch and headed straight into our activities.  We played soccer, american football, and a little game I adapted from my middle school years, “3 hack whack”.  We also shot some bows and arrows and made some arts and crafts!  A full afternoon already.

What we’ve noticed, despite all of our efforts to hype up our activities, is that no matter what, the pool is always the main attraction.  Can’t blame them either, it’s pretty hot out here!

At any rate, we’re in somewhat of a beautiful tropical climate, with dormant volcanoes in the distance and sugar cane fields and palm trees all around us.  We’re loving day 1 and hoping you’re loving following along!

Pictures below!

P.S. Sorry about the “male heavy” picture content so far!  I’ve been following the fellas so far, we promise more girl pics to come!