God provides so faithfully and in so many different ways! For Rory and I that provision was a virus and a hospital visit, and when we returned to camp we were provided yet again with a few surprises. The greatest of these was what we found out this morning just a few hours before campers arrived: our whole team, well, all but Mr. Golden Stomach Jeff, had started suffering symptoms like Rory and I had in the beginning of our troubles. We couldn’t sit through a twenty minute team meeting without five of us having to rush to the baño.

With mine and Rory’s recent knowledge of what could happen, along with trying to get everyone healthy, do camp, and keep others from getting unhealthy, we addressed the situation with a team of Pine Covers back home and ended up in quarantine. At camp, quarantine means the med-shed, but in El Salvador, it means you need to get out of the jungle and into a place much closer to doctors, airports, massive amounts of bottled water and gatorade, etc.

So we went from this


To this



That’s right, quarantine in El Salvador means a very comfortable, safe, and nice American-based hotel chain to recuperate in. It was bitter leaving, but a sweet sigh of relief to get here and have the space, time, and capability to get well before we hit the airplane on Monday.

But what of camp?! It’s still happening!! The Lord provides ever more than we can ask or imagine! This is our third and final year in El Salvador, and the team here is incredibly gifted and capable! We got to follow them the first session and lead what they asked, and it was awesome. It was even more awesome to see that they could truly do this without us when Rory and I went down and out and a few of our girls had to step away from their cabins and El Salvadorian co-counselors. This, I believe, is the Lord’s provision for them in taking on this camping ministry fully their own. It was sweet to see them rocking it as we had to roll out, which of course became the bitter goodbye to some awesome and faithful brothers and sisters in Christ!

And for now ministry continues as always and ever, no matter the comfort level of our “cabin”!

Thankful for provision- of all kinds-