As I sit here in my office, the day before we assemble all 11 Pine Cove commission camping teams in Dallas for orientation, I cannot help but feel a little bit like a child on the eve of Christmas! Tomorrow is the day I get to see all 17 of my teammates in one place. And let me tell you, our team is INCREDIBLE! The personalities, gifts, passions, and backgrounds that make up our Camp in the City team, leave me in awe of how great our God is. He has assembled some outstanding men and women to take His good news down to Costa Rica. Here is a little peek at our team with some fast stats:

Our team is made up of 8 Texans, 2 Alabamians, 2 Tennesseans (Go Vols), 2 Arkansans, a Louisianian, a Mississippian, and a Pennsylvanian. The team represents 15 schools, studying to go into more than 12 different fields from Education to Finance, Ministry to Voice performance! Altogether, our team rocks!