We spent our last day here in El Salvador at the hotel, continuing to recover from whatever stomach bug got us.

The team has perfected the routine of when to eat, when to rest, and when to take medicine. The guys all got together and played an app called “SpaceTeam” after agonizing at the Cowboys’ loss. Michael and Landon proved adept at the game, beating Jimbo’s high score of Level 8. The girls opted to avoid the man cave and watched movies on one of the English channels instead.

We heard a rumor yesterday that we might receive more visitors today, which turned out to be true! Our friends Mario, Keila, Belén, Dani, Dinorah, and Pache all came to the hotel to say a final goodbye and gave us each a T-shirt and water bottle of the camp session that we had missed. It was a time full of laughs and funny memories, not only of this year’s team, but getting to hear stories from past years, too.

With everyone good enough to travel, we are going to bed early so we can wake up in enough time to hit the road by 6:00 AM so we are at the airport in plenty of time for our 9:00 AM flight.

We will update when we are checked in to our flight and when we land in DFW. In case you need our flight info, here it is:
Avianca Flight 440
Departs San Salvador 9:00 AM
Arrives DFW International 12:40 PM