We would like to paint you a picture. There is this thing at camp. We have done this thing many times this week. We all agree that we are glad that we don’t have to do this thing or see it again. It was hard to do but made us stronger.

We are talking about The Hill. The Hill is a hill that we take from the center of camp and walk down to get to the activity class field area. There are many names that have been given to it including but not limited to: The Hill, Cuesta del Muerte (Hill of Death), The Monster, and The Olympian.

Many things were also said about The Hill
-We have to go up that thing?!
-Are you sure there are no elevators or escalators anywhere?
-Ooooooooh that’s a deep burn.
-I am going to have huge calves after this week.
-Walk backwards, it will help.
-No it doesn’t, everything hurts.
-I want to take a break but that will just make it longer.
-I have to carry a kid on my back up that thing?!
-We only do that hill once a day right?
-Oh no not again!

Now that you know how we feel about The Hill, we want to actually tell you what it is. Camp is up on top of said hill where the cabins, auditorium, and dining room are. However, the soccer field, archery area, basketball court, and jungle gym are down The Hill. We walk up this hill both ways in the snow each day. No for real, we walk up and down this hill once, maybe twice a day.

Here are some facts about The Hill.
-Where cabins and most of camp is: Elevation 1670.95 feet
-Where activity classes are at bottom: Elevation 1469.69 feet
-That is just over a 200 foot drop! The Statue of Liberty is 151 feet tall. That’s really high and a steep drop.
-The incline of The Hill is 20 degrees. The steepest incline of a hill in San Francisco is 31.5 degrees. It is so steep that our legs burn while walking down it.
-The Hill is 1/4 of a mile long. So we definitely got our workout in this week! Next time you go to workout, set your treadclimber to those settings. And as we say here, Buena Suerte or Good Luck.


You might be able to see Jeff down there at the bottom.

And here is the same picture zoomed in as far as we could. The camera still couldn’t get to him.





We never thought we would make it up this hill over and over again but we made it. This is such a great picture of God in our life. We are going to have highs and lows in our life. We might slide all the way to the bottom. We might want to stay at the bottom because it is easier to stay. We might stay at the top for a while. It varies for each person. But what we do know is that God is always with us. Scripture is filled with verses about this. Like Adrienne said earlier this week, “Once I thought about how hard it was for Jesus to carry a cross to His death and carry all of our sins, I told my girls and we all didn’t complain again about the hill.” We need to know that in comparison to Christ, our suffering isn’t that bad. Even if we feel that we are experiencing the worst thing in the world, God will lead us through it. He will never let us be in something that is too hard, for the faith he has given us. So trust in Him, we have learned that through a hill this week. What is something that helped you learn or remember about God? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!