The End of Session One

Posted Jan 7, 2018

Hi!! It’s me Lauren checking in and writing on the blog! haha!

Today was the last day of the first session of camp.

Today was another day full of fun activities and a lot of worship!!

We did archery and cooked our own lunch on grills with our campers. We swam in the pool and did so many camp dances!! The kids left at 5:00 and it was hard to let them leave.

I have learned so so much in these short few days we’ve been here.

I’ve taken 6 years of Spanish and am able to understand a lot of what the kids are learning. My favorite thing has been to listen to them read from their Bibles in Spanish and to follow along in my own.

The word of God and the amazement of His grace has no borders.They sing songs here in Spanish that we sing at Camp in English! This morning they sang “Abre Mis Ojos Oh Christo” and asked us to sing in English!! It was such a beautiful thing. Please continue to join us praying that the Lord will do big things through us in Paraguay!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, we don’t have great internet today!

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