So you might know one of the people going to El Salvador. We would love to show you who all is going. There are eleven people on our team. Every person on the team is the coolest person in the world. We are glad that you get to meet them and get to know them over these next ten days.

Please pray for each person as we leave tomorrow for El Salvador on our flight

Speaking of flights, here is our flight itinerary for tomorrow, January 3, 2014

Airline: American Airlines

Flight #: 2231

City Departure: Dallas DFW

Arrival City: San Salvador – SAL

Departure Time 3:30 PM CST

Arrival Time: 6:50 PM CST

You can follow our flight for delays, arival, and literally tracking as the flight goes at


Please know that when we land in El Salvador, we will try to post as soon as possible but internet is sparse.

Also, if you need to contact a person on the team feel free to call 1-877-4PINECOVE. If it is an emergency you can call the trip leader Jeff Lay at 903-594-8677