Hello, hello! Rachel (Whales) here. The second full day has been more incredible then words could do justice. This is my first year to be a part of commission camping!

We woke up this morning and prepared for the campers to arrive. The program staff got assigned their activities that they would be teaching for the next couple of days! They have things like archery, baseball, a bounce house, rock painting and tons of other cool stuff!

The buses arrived this afternoon and I immediately got the same feeling as I do during the summer at camp! They were finally here! You couldn’t have guessed what we all did when they got here… We danced! We did all of the dances you could think of. Twice. The kids got assigned to their cabins and we got to cheer for them as that happened, so that was pretty neat!

It’s been a very full day! We all went to the pool and the river to swim. Since my Spanish is very… picano… We just all smiled at each other and held hands!

Program staff has been a very cool side of commission camping, very similar to camp in the summer. There’s a lot of behind the scenes work and serving.

This evening, we were able to have worship with the 60+ kids. That was really cool for me to see these kids worship, regardless of if I can understand the Spanish they are saying, it is glorifying God! Which is such a cool picture of who He is. He is a God of all nations and calls us ALL to be his sons and daughters.

After worship came the skit!… Eurica (Frarrgs) came out as a chicken. So, to preface that, the kids bible study is talking about Noah. The chicken’s descendants were on the ark and she told (and had someone interpret her chicken noises) the children about Noah. After that, the kids had to go find wandering pirates around camp and try to get them to believe in God, but the pirates would always say “no”. The lesson behind that was that the children were obedient in trying to share Christ with the pirates, even though the pirates didn’t accept.

I don’t think today could have gone any better. It has been such an encouragement to me personally in so many ways. Despite the language barrier, seeing the other Outback staff communicate with the children through other ways then words, being at worship tonight, and seeing everyone give 110% and constantly being reminded that it’s not about us. God is working here and it’s so apparent. The nationals are so great at what they do. They love those kids so much. Pray that these kids grow in a deeper knowledge of who God is.

Can’t wait for the rest of this week!

Whaleeeeee this is Flockward