You guys, today has been AWESOME! Every day we are able to see our campers engaging more with their counselors and beginning to open up. We had an absolute blast today. As I type this the campers are cheering to get ready for worship, they have been so excited for everything we do and blown us away.
After Bible Study, the boys went to the pool for the morning. I couldn’t help laughing noticing the difference between the girls and boys at the pool. The girls stand in circles and play games or talk and the boys do not stop roughhousing. Non stop energy. The girls spent the morning at arts and crafts and archery (with cardboard boxes and targets wedged into trees!)
This afternoon, we took all the campers to the beach for free time where they swam, built sandcastles (and sand cars!) and played ultimate frisbee. But by far the best part of the night was our talent show, seriously these campers and counselors are so creative! Many of them performed skits relating to the gospel, so cool to see them put their heart into it! Our hosts (Maddie and Rebecca (me)) may have also created some between act entertainment by calling up our Pine Cove boys, Pine Cove girls and Panamanian counselors to dance or lipsync a song on the spot. The campers were absolutely going crazy to see their counselors so interpretative dances and sing (and so were we!)
Every act exceeded our expectations! We finished our talent show with an all camp dance party and added the Scatman to the list of dances we have been teaching.
Tonight, John Carlos (one of our Panamanian counselors) will be preaching. We pray that all the laughter and energy experienced today will be so that walls will be torn down and their hearts will be receptive to the gospel.
Pray for our counselors, as they continue to invest that we will “serve with the strength that God provides so that in all things God may be praised through Christ Jesus.” (1 Peter 4) as we encouraged them this morning.
Stay tuned for more tomorrow!