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Homeward Bound


Greetings from Managua, Nicaragua!  We just made it into our hotel here in Managua around 9 pm tonight, had a delicious dinner and are settling in for the night! We’re staying right across the street from the airport and we’re so thankful to be in such a nice place to get some rest after such a long day of fun!  Today was our tourism day and our Nicaraguan hosts definitely did not disappoint! We started off the day by sleeping in just a little bit and having some breakfast at camp around 7 am. The Towers and Nicaraguan team left […]

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¡Adios Chicos!


Hey friends and fam! We finished our last day of camp today! It was a blast, but we were so sad to see our last set of campers leave.  We started the day with a devo, then breakfast, then Bible study, then snack, then ended the day with a classic all camp talent show! The talent show was awesome. The cabins did cheers and dances and showed off what they had been working on together for the past three days. It’s so cool to see how unified a cabin can become through preparing for something as simple as a talent […]

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The Power of Prayer


(Blog post written by Jacob “‘Merican Bacon” Mathes)  Que Paso! We have had an incredible time in Nicaragua this past week and it only gets better! Yesterday we started our second session with campers that are ages 12-17. I know there were a lot of nerves for us PC counselors since we aren’t used to working with kids who are bigger than we are. Good thing the Lord provides and our first day with them went better than any of us could have hoped. We ended the evening last night with an intense time of prayer and worship….wow the Lord […]

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Monkey Business


Yo, Yo, Yo, it’s Ali, Regan, and Emily here! We’re getting to play the P-Staff/Senior Counselor role this week at camp. It has been super awesome to be able to plug in wherever we are needed and encourage the counselors along the way. The second round of campers got here today and we were all a little nervous about the transition from elementary to middle and high schoolers. They even showed up early, not quite what we are used to, but we “cut up our cool cards” and hopped right in! Turns out our counselors are cooler than we thought […]

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Adios Ninos! Hola Jovenes!


(Blog post written by Caroline “Photosynthesass” Andrews) Hola amigos! We’re closing in on day 4 here in the beautiful country of Nicaragua, and today we finished our first session of camp. Praise the Lord for the success that we had! In just three short days, relationships were built, multiple kids came to know Christ (!!!), and memories were made that we will never forget. It was sad to have to tell them goodbye.  As part of our closing-day festivities, we had a talent show where each cabin (counselors included) had to perform a skit, chant, or dance for the entire […]

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Immeasurably More


(Blog post written by Austin “Go Conies” Savage) What it do my friends! First off, while typing this, I am getting a beautiful glimpse of heaven here in Nicaragua as I listen to different nations and languages worshiping the same creator.  Man, what a day! Today was the second full day of campers being here and it was a blast! The days are packed full of fun, games, Jesus, chaos, and always a well timed siesta! I have gotten the opportunity to serve on P-Staff this week, which means I help set up everything behind the scenes and make sure […]

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Buffalo Hunt Beyond Borders


(Blog post written by Nick “Ram Jam” Apperson)           Holy moly the campers are here! God has been moving in incredible ways here in El Crucero Nicaragua and it is only day 3! At around 9 o clock this morning the campers arrived and we have been going nonstop ever since! We have taught dances ( Nicaraguan and American) and played many games! All of the American counselors sat in while the Nicaraguans led the campers in a bible study about Jonah, and even with such a big language barrier, you could see God moving in […]

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Operation Preparation


¡Hola Amigos!  Our first full day in Nicaragua has been incredible! We got some great sleep last night (we were SO tired from traveling) and woke up feeling rested. We had an awesome devotional with the Nicaraguan staff over John 21:1-14 and then some fresh breakfast this morning, made by the best cooks in all of Nicaragua (we’re thoroughly convinced and maybe a little biased). After breakfast we got started with some Pine Cove Way sessions taught by Manuel, one of the Nicaraguan leaders! During these “Way sessions” Manuel explained the heart behind everything we do at camp, how it […]

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Touched down in Managua!


We arrived safely in Managua, Nicaragua!! We got through customs smoothly and we were greeted with our Towers camp cheer by the Nicaraguan staff! It was the best.  The weather is of course warm here in Managua but doing summer camp in East Texas has definitely prepared us well! We are currently on a bus right now headed to the camp site. We’re getting the chance to know them already and learn about their lives on our hour bus ride! We already feel so welcomed and loved by the Nicaraguan staff. Pray for quick adjustment to the language barrier and […]

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Off We Go!


The team is finally together! We are headed to the airport as I type. We fly out at 7:25am, change flights in Miami, and land in Nicaragua at 2:05pm.  We can’t wait to get to Nicaragua, meet all of the Nicarguan staff and prepare for campers to arrive! We would so appreciate your prayers for safety, unity among our team and the Nicaraguan team, and that the Lord would transform lives by the power of the gospel. We will be posting on the blog, daily, so you’ll be able to keep up with what the Lord is doing in and […]

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