Hey y’all!

We arrived at the seminary we are staying last night around 12, got a good night of sleep and started fresh this morning! A group of our Panama staff have been with us this morning as we go through our Pine Cove training. This morning we talked about why we do camping ministry and what it means when we say “no se trata de mi” (translation: it’s not about me) and how our staff is one of the most important pieces of our program.
What a blessing to encourage and equip these brothers and sisters to do ministry! It’s been so neat to reconnect with old friends from last year and meet more as well.
We also spent the morning playing link tag and some other games to get to know each other better. It’s been an answer to prayer for good communication (though limited) and unification amongst our teams.
We just finished our lunch of arroz (rice) con pollo (with chicken) and it was AWESOME. Our Panamanian friends have been so hospitable and gracious.
This afternoon we will continue with our training and talk more practically about what camp will look like.
We have heard rumors that our camp will be different than last year and has a pool and is close to the beach! At the rate we are already sweating, that’s awesome news!